Vice (2018)

Nonton Film Vice (2018)

George W. Bush picks Dick Cheney, the CEO of Halliburton Co., to be his Republican running mate in the 2000 presidential election. No stranger to ...
Master Z: Ip Man Legacy (2018)

Nonton Film Master Z: Ip Man Legacy (2018)

Following his defeat by Master Ip, Cheung Tin Chi tries to make a life with his young son in Hong Kong, waiting tables at a bar that caters to ...
The Drug King (2018)

Nonton Film The Drug King (2018)

Busan, South Korea, 1970s. Lee Doo-sam is a small-time smuggler. After helping a drug gang to smuggle meth, he falls into the dark crime world. ...
The Emperor of Paris (2018)

Nonton Film The Emperor of Paris (2018)

Paris, France, early 19th century. The legendary convict François Vidocq lives in disguise trying to escape from a tragic past that torments him. ...
Bumblebee (2018)

Nonton Film Bumblebee (2018)

On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee finds refuge in a junkyard in a small Californian beach town. Charlie, on the cusp of turning 18 and ...
Backtrace (2018)

Nonton Film Backtrace (2018)

The lone surviving thief of a violent armored car robbery is sprung from a high security facility and administered an experimental drug.
Beyond White Space (2018)

Nonton Film Beyond White Space (2018)

When a deep space fishing vessel is robbed by a gang of pirates, the Captain makes a daring decision to go after a rare and nearly extinct ...
Bird Box (2018)

Nonton Film Bird Box (2018)

Five years after an ominous unseen presence drives most of society to suicide, a survivor and her two children make a desperate bid to reach safety.
Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

Nonton Film Mary Poppins Returns (2018)

In Depression-era London, a now-grown Jane and Michael Banks, along with Michael’s three children, are visited by the enigmatic Mary ...
Leprechaun Returns (2018)

Nonton Film Leprechaun Returns (2018)

A group of unwitting sorority sisters accidentally awaken the serial-killing Leprechaun after they build a sorority house on his hunting grounds.
Once Upon a Deadpool (2018)

Nonton Film Once Upon a Deadpool (2018)

A kidnapped Fred Savage is forced to endure Deadpool’s PG-13 rendition of Deadpool 2 as a Princess Bride-esque story that’s full of ...
Aquaman (2018)

Nonton Film Aquaman (2018)

Once home to the most advanced civilization on Earth, Atlantis is now an underwater kingdom ruled by the power-hungry King Orm. With a vast army ...
Revenger (2018)

Nonton Film Revenger (2018)

Hell-bent on avenging the murder of his family, a former detective infiltrates a remote island that serves as a prison for vicious death row criminals.
D-Railed (2018)

Nonton Film D-Railed (2018)

Passengers on a murder mystery train that crashes into a river must decide whether to risk waiting for help in the wreckage or take their chances ...
An Ordinary Man (2018)

Nonton Film An Ordinary Man (2018)

A war criminal in hiding forms a relationship with his only connection to the outside world – his maid.
The Possession of Hannah Grace (2018)

Nonton Film The Possession of Hannah Grace (2018)

When a cop who is just out of rehab takes the graveyard shift in a city hospital morgue, she faces a series of bizarre, violent events caused by ...
Mortal Engines (2018)

Nonton Film Mortal Engines (2018)

Many thousands of years in the future, Earth’s cities roam the globe on huge wheels, devouring each other in a struggle for ever diminishing ...
Alive (2018)

Nonton Film Alive (2018)

A severely injured man and woman awake in an abandoned sanitarium only to discover that a sadistic caretaker holds the keys to their freedom and ...
Creed II (2018)

Nonton Film Creed II (2018)

Between personal obligations and training for his next big fight against an opponent with ties to his family’s past, Adonis Creed is up ...
Robin Hood (2018)

Nonton Film Robin Hood (2018)

A war-hardened Crusader and his Moorish commander mount an audacious revolt against the corrupt English crown.
Instant Family (2018)

Nonton Film Instant Family (2018)

When Pete and Ellie decide to start a family, they stumble into the world of foster care adoption. They hope to take in one small child but when ...
Welcome Home (2018)

Nonton Film Welcome Home (2018)

A couple try to repair their damaged union in an Italian vacation paradise. Then they discover the owner’s intentions.
Green Book (2018)

Nonton Film Green Book (2018)

Tony Lip, a bouncer in 1962, is hired to drive pianist Don Shirley on a tour through the Deep South in the days when African Americans, forced to ...